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Enersmart Heating Systems was founded in 2019 by Cody McNamara and Steve Strickland who were passionate about transforming the energy efficiency sector in Newfoundland and Labrador. Having worked for one of the leading HVAC companies on the island for the last several years, and installing hundreds of geothermal heat pump systems, they knew it was time to launch their own company. Enter Enersmart Heating Systems; a trusted company that offers custom energy efficient solutions for every home.

We offer all-inclusive packages that include design, drilling, installation, and professional maintenance. Our dedicated team works tirelessly to ensure that each step of the process gets completed with care and precision. You get the best energy efficient system as well as maximum savings, thanks to our innovative program that makes geothermal and HVAC systems more possible than ever.

a photo of in-floor heating being installed in a house in Newfoundland and LabradorHVAC technician working on a HVAC systema photo of in-floor heating being installed in a house in Newfoundland and LabradorA technician working on installing in-floor radiant heating in a home.a HVAC contractor installing in-floor radiant heating.
We’ve designed and installed more home geothermal systems than any other contractor in Newfoundland.
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