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General Questions.

What areas do you serve in Newfoundland?
- For geothermal heat pump service and installations, we service all of Newfoundland.

- For mini-split and heat pump installations, we provide service to the majority of the Avalon Peninsula / Eastern Newfoundland.
Do you provide a maintenance plan?
Yes we do! We provide hassle-free maintenance plans for all of our services including geothermal heat pumps, heat pumps, and mini-split systems. Learn more here.
Are there any grants or incentives for home heating upgrades?
Currently the federal government is offering Canada's green home grant. Get up to $5,000 back on home energy systems. As well, the provincial government is always offering grants through their TakeCHARGE program.
Are you able to use my existing heating distribution with a heat pump?
We do retrofits! If you have an oil furnace you want to remove, or an electric boiler you want to replace, we are able to install the suitable heat pump for your home and use your existing ductwork or radiant in-floor piping / hot water rads.
Do you provide a free estimate/quote?

Heat Pump & Mini Split Questions

What’s the difference between an air source heat pump and a ground source heat pump?
- An air source heat pump transfers heat from the outdoor air into your indoor air and vice versa.

- A ground source geothermal heat pump, transfers heat from the earth -  into your indoor air and vice versa. When we are talking about heat pumps on this blog, we are most likely talking about “air source” heat pumps (unless otherwise specified).
What’s the difference between a mini-split and a heat pump system?
Ductless heat pumps, also called mini-split heat pumps or mini-splits, work by blowing the heated or cooled air directly into the room. These systems are better for heating small spaces, or open concept homes, since they aren’t able to push the air throughout the home. Whereas a central heat pump requires ductwork throughout the structure.
What areas do you service and provide installations for heat pumps
We provide service and installation of our heat pumps to the majority of the eastern and central areas of Newfoundland and Labrador.
Do you provide free estimates on HVAC installation?

In-Floor Radiant Questions

Can radiant in-floor heating be zoned?
We use actuators / zone valves along with thermostats to zone out your radiant in-floor heating. This allows you to control the temperature in each individual zone / room, which makes for a more comfortable living space.
How does the radiant in-floor system work?
In-floor piping is installed throughout the floor either in slab, in joist or in aluminum panels on top of the floor. Hot water is circulated through the piping which in turn will transfer heat into your floor / home.
Does radiant in-floor heating need maintenance?
Yes, it is very important to maintain your radiant in-floor system, servicing your system at least once a year will help save your components and pick up on other issues which may be leading to your system to be not as efficient as it should be.
What types of systems do you use with the radiant in-floor heating?
We use three different systems for radiant in-floor heating, The most energy efficient being a geothermal water to water heat pump, an air to water heat pump or an electric boiler system.

Geothermal Questions

What are the benefits of switching to geothermal?
Our geothermal systems produce 75% to 85% less carbon dioxide emissions than oil and gas heating systems. A Geothermal Heat Pump uses renewable solar energy stored within the ground to heat your home. The fluid that circulates in your ground loop (vertical, horizontal), picks up this heat and makes its way back to your heat pump, this heat is removed by the process of the refrigeration cycle within your heat pump exchanger and the fluid is circulated through your ground loop again.
Is my yard large enough for the ground loop?
A home will usually require one or two ground loops depending on its heating and air conditioning needs. The ground loops are installed vertically by drilling a hole approximately 6” in diameter, inserting the loop(s) and then filling in the hole. Because the loops are installed in this way, most yards are large enough to accommodate the ground loops. That said, our team will review your yard and make the best decision on which ground loop is best for your home.
How do I know if geothermal works for my home?
There are a number of factors that determine if your home is eligible for a geothermal system. Contact us and we’ll have our team visit your home and perform several tests to see if your house is suitable.
Are there any maintenance requirements for geothermal systems?
We provide a zero hassle maintenance plan for geothermal heat pumps. Click here to learn more.
What areas in Newfoundland do you provide installation?
For geothermal heat pumps, we provide service and installation all over the island, from the east coast and all the way to the west coast.

Maintenance Plan Questions

What is a maintenance plan?
To get the best performance and longest life out of your investment in heating and cooling equipment, you need to ensure that the equipment is meeting the manufacturer’s specifications. An Enersmart maintenance plan will take care of your equipment through annual inspection and servicing. We recommend having a maintenance plan for all ages of HVAC equipment.
How do I schedule maintenance?
Contact us anytime and we will set up a date/time that works around your schedule.
Are the packages just for one unit or the entire house?
The package is based on one geothermal or air source heat pump, depending on the type of system you have, we can customize a maintenance plan package for your home.
What is not included in the maintenance plan?
You will be advised before replacement.

- Filter change on Ducted Units
- Contactor / Capacitor / Transformer – Electrical Components Replacement          
- In-Floor Flush / Pump Replacement
- Refrigeration Leak / Water Leak Repair
Do I need to purchase an HVAC system from Enersmart to apply for the packages?
We service all types of heat pumps, the product does not need to be purchased from Enersmart Heating.
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