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We install and service the latest and most energy efficient heat pump systems in St. John’s, Newfoundland and surrounding areas.

Exceptionally quiet and energy efficient.

Innovative and customizable for your home. Our heat pump systems will bring peace, quiet, and comfort to your home, all while lowering your utility bills dramatically.

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Certified contractor for Newfoundland & Labrador's takeCHARGE program.

Our technicians have been confirmed by the Department of Advanced Education and Skills to have met the qualification requirements of a Journeyperson Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Mechanic.

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You got questions, we got answers.

What’s the difference between an air source heat pump and a ground source heat pump?
An air source heat pump transfers heat from the outdoor air into your indoor air and vice versa. A ground source geothermal heat pump, transfers heat from the earth -  into your indoor air and vice versa. When we are talking about heat pumps on this blog, we are most likely talking about “air source” heat pumps (unless otherwise specified).
What's the difference between mini-split and a heat pump system?
Ductless heat pumps, also called mini-split heat pumps or mini-splits, work by blowing the heated or cooled air directly into the room. These systems are better for heating small spaces, or open concept homes, since they aren’t able to push the air throughout the home. Whereas a central heat pump requires ductwork throughout the structure.
What areas do you service and provide installations for heat pumps?
We provide service and installation of our heat pumps to the majority of the eastern and central areas of Newfoundland and Labrador.
Do you provide free estimates on HVAC installation?
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